Top 8 Best Pan for Scrambled Eggs in 2023

If you are an egg-lover, you barely miss scrambled eggs on your menu. It’s one simple snack you can fix anytime if you have the right cookware. Fry pans are well-known to do a great job with scrambled eggs.

However, you need a pan that’s not just perfect for cooking, but also strong and durable, easy to clean, and versatile for other tasks. You should reap its value in the long-term.

Now, if you are looking for the best pan for scrambled eggs, we have a few top suggestions of the best fry pans and skillets. Have a look.

Eight Best Pans for Eggs: Comparison Table

In this section, we give a detailed review of various pans (stainless steel, nonstick and natural pans), their special features, and a price checklist. But if you won’t click to the end, we have a comparison table that summarizes it all.

SLProduct NameWeightCheck Price
#1Tramontina Professional Fry Pan1.37 poundsCheck Price
#2Ozeri 10” Stone Earth Fry Pan2.4 poundsCheck Price
#3Koch Systeme CSK 8” Nonstick Frying Pan1.5 poundsCheck Price
#4Copper Chef Nonstick Fry Pan—-Check Price
#5Valuu Nonstick Frying Pan- 4.7”4.8 ouncesCheck Price
#6Carote 8-Inch Nonstick Skillet
1.34 pounds
Check Price
#7Eggssentials Egg Poacher Pan4.09 poundsCheck Price
#8Eggsentials Poached Egg Maker3 poundsCheck Price

The market is saturated with all kinds of pans. But most importantly, we have stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum, and nonstick. A classic pan cooks everything from eggs to browned meats without sticking or being too greasy.

That means your pan has to preheat evenly and fast.

On the other hand, you can also check the handle types, for one that’s all-around for both gas and oven-heating. You don’t want a handle that turns too hot while cooking, or melts away prematurely, right?

So, let’s take you through our top picks of the best frying pans in-store today.

best Pan for Scrambled Eggs – Review

1. Tramontina Professional Fry Pan

This is a great pan for home and noncommercial kitchens. It’s made of heavy gauge aluminum for uniform and high heat transmission. Also, it is oven safe up to 400o F which makes it perfect for searing, scrambling, sautéing, and frying.

Besides that, the handle is a solid riveted stainless steel with a removable silicone cover, so that you don’t need an extra potholder to get the pan from the oven. The riveted handle also provides extra support and grip.

You are not wrong if this is your one-stop-shop. You can get this pan at a pocket-friendly price, and enjoy your egg recipes.

However, we feel that Tramontina should improve on its return warranty policy in case of an issue.


A few users raise concerns that this pan is not compatible with induction stoves. However, we are glad that it can support electric, gas, and ceramic stoves for your frying purposes.

We also have come across multiple users complaining that this pan may warp over time. It’s not infallible after all! But, the pan can deliver value for money if moderately used and that’s why it ranks high in our write-up.


  • Suitable for electric, gas, or ceramic stove
  • Even heat distribution
  • Strong PFOA-free nonstick coating
  • Can oven heat up to 400o F
  • Highly durable


  • Not good for ceramic and induction stoves
  • Warps after some time

2. Ozeri 10” Stone Earth Fry Pan

If you need a pan with a strong magnetic base for induction stoves, the Ozeri stone earth fry pan is an excellent selection for you. Armed with a heavy-gauge aluminum interior, it heats up very fast.

You will also appreciate that the nonstick coating from stone earth is free of chemicals that may be associated with the nonstick coating when it breaks down. The coating is also all-scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Apart from that, you can have a strong and slip-less grip because of the solid riveted silicone handle. On the other hand, the pan is eco-friendly. It is a better plan to have than those with Teflon coating which is a no-no to human health.

We like that Ozeri has a working return policy and responsive customer care. They’ll always respond to queries about their products.


According to some users, the Greblon coating may wear off a few months down. We feel that with the right care and maintenance the pans should be of service longer than this.


  • Flat bottom so heats up fast
  • High-quality thick pan
  • Strong nonstick Greblon C3 coating
  • Very compatible with induction stoves


  • The coating wears off in less than a year

3. Koch Systeme CSK 8” Nonstick Frying Pan

This is another stone earth fry pan that is not just ordinary cookware, but also an aesthetic to have. The interior is made of aluminum alloy while the exterior with red marble. The red surface has cool black and white spots that make the pan look artistic.

Apart from that, the handle is also a unique Bakelite-texture that acts as a heat insulator.

We like this pan that it is strong and very durable. And in this case, the nonstick coating is completely free of APEO and PFOA. You also do need to wash it, it’s as simple as wiping with a damp cloth or a soft sponge.

Besides, the four internal layers ensure heat distributes evenly. Plus, it’s compatible with all stovetops.


A few users of this product complain that it may warp over time. However, the greater percentage of our customers is well-satisfied with its performance. The good thing is that the company has a clear return policy for their goods and your money is safe.


  • High-quality stone earth pan
  • Strong and very durable nonstick coating
  • APEO and PFOA free
  • Simple clean up
  • Good for low-fat healthy cooking


  • Cannot use in the oven
  • Pan warps, hard to use with a lid

4. Copper Chef Nonstick Fry Pan

This 8” copper fry pan comes with a steel induction plate so that it can evenly heat on an induction stove or any other stovetop. Made of hard-anodized aluminum, this plan gives you a longer period of service because of the strong and durable material.

On the other hand, nonstick is a property of Cerami-Tech, strong enough to resist wear and tear. However, it’s advisable to use the wood and plastic spatula to avoid scratching off the ceramic coating.

Since the pan is not pre-seasoned (nonstick), you can dishwasher and leave it spotless and still in perfect working condition. If you are looking for an economy-pack pan, the copper chef is a great option.

And not forgetting, it’s strong, heats evenly, versatile, and very handy for making the best pan-fried eggs. However, clients feel that the ceramic coating should be thick enough to last longer than what’s currently in the market.


Although the nonstick properties may wear off with time, it’s an excellent pan for tasks like making pan-fried eggs and pancakes. If you use it with moderation, it’s a strong pan with excellent heat conductivity even on medium heat.


  • Ceramic nonstick pan
  • Good for induction hobs and stoves
  • Good for its price
  • Excellent heat conduction
  • Strong riveted handle


  • Nonstick does not last
  • Creates hotspots and food burns

5. Valuu Nonstick Frying Pan- 4.7”

This mini-size pan is great for preparing a single fried egg, sausages, or pancake for one. It is made of cast iron and you don’t have to worry about rusting. It’s corrosion-resistant and you can enjoy your fried eggs for decades.

The side curves out to slide food without resistance. The nonstick coating is superior and makes cleaning a one-time process. You’ll also enjoy smooth healthy cooking with little oil.

It is also suitable for Vitro-ceramic, gas, and electric cookers.


We have a few reviews complaining about the handle heating up. But, you don’t have to worry since looking at the pan size; it’s rational as the handle may be within a close range to the flame.


  • Corrosion-free
  • Persistent nonstick quality
  • Even heat distribution
  • Low-fat cooking option
  • Comfortable solid handle


  • Handle gets evenly hot

6. Carote 8-Inch Nonstick Skillet

This skillet is made of die-cast aluminum and four layers of Granistone nonstick coating. Heat distribution is excellent and as such, the pan heats well with all kinds of stovetops.

It also comes with a Bakelite handle which is comfortable to hold and does not heat up. 

Besides, the four-layer nonstick coating makes the pan durable and is very safe from PFOA and PFTE, so that you don’t have to worry about any harmful releases from the coating.

We like the fact that it’s a high-quality Granistone pan with a flexible wood handle. You only have to wipe it clean with a soft sponge. If you need your scrambled egg without mess Carote 8-inch nonstick pan is a perfect choice.


A few customers find that the packaging material is not satisfactory. But we believe the package itself is unique and non-defective despite the packaging. A majority of the customers applaud the performance of this pan.


  • Unique and great performance
  • Simple by hand wash
  • Strong nonstick surface
  • Very long-lasting
  • Distributes heat evenly


  • Improve on packaging material
  • Loses nonstick properties in less than a year

7. Eggssentials Egg Poacher Pan

This pan comes with a 4-cup compartment for frying your eggs and pancakes. The pan body is energy efficient and ensures uniform heat distribution and retention.

Since it is made of cast aluminum, it is strong and durable. The nano-ceramic coating is all-scratch resistant and does not fade soon. Apart from that, the handle is a Bakelite texture, with strong insulation, and a smooth joint to the pan.

We like the innovative design of this pan and you also don’t fuse about the genuineness of the coating. If you treat your pan with care, you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

You’ll also appreciate that once you buy the pan, you have a 12-month return period in case of any defects. Besides, it is PTFE and PFOA free and therefore very safe for human use.


According to some customers, they find it hard to flip the eggs over in the cup-compartment. On the contrary, the manufacturer can find a way to accessorize the pan with better spatulas for the job.

Otherwise, it is unique, versatile cookware for poaching eggs and making cupcakes. 


  • Cooks egg in multiples
  • Heat and energy efficient
  • 12-months warranty
  • Good insulator Bakelite handles
  • Great arty design


  • Hard to turn over the eggs
  • The coating wears off eventually

8. Eggsentials Poached Egg Maker

This is a great choice for making poached eggs for a medium-size family. The pan can make up to 4 large size eggs. The four 75ml-cups have a double nonstick coating that’s PFOA and PTFE free. 

What’s more, the pan is sturdy and heavy from the stainless steel body that makes it compatible with all stovetops. A 3-ply aluminum that’s sandwiched close to the bottom allows for even heating so that your eggs will neither under- nor overcook.

Another great thing about this pan is that it comes with a tempered glass lid and insulating Bakelite knobs for the cups, the pan, and the lid. The uniformity is also the intriguing bit of this pan. You’ll just love it.

You will also appreciate that cleaning is not tedious. You pluck out the cups to the dishwasher and return them when there’s a need.

Better still, you can remove all the egg poacher cups and use the pan as a sauté pan. This is a pan worth having for an extra touch of elegance and functionality.


A few clients complain that flipping the eggs over is impossible. However, we cannot underestimate the innovation and creativity behind the design. We believe that the manufacturer should make handy the spatulas for the job as an accessory.


  • Great innovative design
  • Fast heating bottom
  • 75ml-size poaching cups
  • Strong and comfortable Bakelite handles
  • Versatile pan
  • Thick tempered glass lid


  • Hard to flip over the eggs

How To Make Good Use of Your Pan

Now, scrambled egg is a simple snack that will take you a few minutes to prepare. But you have to do it the right way. If you want scrambled eggs without a mess, here’s a simple procedure.

Making Fluffy Scrambled Eggs: Step-By-Step Guide

A fluffy egg is a product of how well you mix your yolk and egg, and the duration of cooking. Eggs cook for a maximum of 5 minutes. And better still, smaller pans retain heat much better than larger ones, which makes 8-inch to 11-inch pans necessary cookware.

Step One: Make sure that your pan is hot enough before you add in the oil.

Step Two: Grease your pan with a little vegetable oil, and allow it some time to be hot. It’s good to note that your eggs are at room temperature. So that if your oil is not hot enough, the whisked eggs lower temperature and increase the likelihood of sticking.

Step Three: Beat your eggs into a bowl and whisk until the yolk and white form a uniform suspension. You can then add in some salt, onions, and pepper.

Step Four: Lower the heat to medium then pour the contents of the bowl into the hot pan and count some 10 seconds before your stir the eggs. You can also watch for a thin crust formation before you turn the eggs over.

Step Five: Once a uniform crust forms on both sides and your onions look translucent, you can serve your eggs and enjoy them while hot.

Eggs should not stick on your pan if you cook with the right heat temperature, heated pan, and hot oil. It also doesn’t matter when you season your eggs. You can add your spices before frying or when they are ready.

The best pan for scrambled eggs can be pre-seasoned cast iron pans, stainless steel, or nonstick pans. It all depends on the level of sophistication of your kitchen.

How to Choose the Best Pan for Eggs?

Pans come in different sizes and materials. You should consider the thickness of the bottom, the weight of the pan, handle types, and the ease of conducting and retaining heat.

You should have a pan that heats up fast enough before introducing the oil. Otherwise, if you introduce your eggs into a cold pan or oil, your eggs may get greasy, messy, or sticky. Besides, a pan that’s thick enough ensures even heat distribution, so that there are no hotspots and food cooks evenly.

That said; let’s walk you through these other important factors to consider before you purchase a pan.

Pan material

Professional chefs prefer stainless steel and cast iron pans and skillets. They are not only heavy and sturdy but also excellent at heat conductivity. Thickness is measured in mm or according to gauge quality.

Heavy gauge carbon steel and aluminum pans are also high-quality cookware to consider. Nonstick pans are excellent for simple tasks, while stainless steel and cast iron are the real workhorses for your kitchen.

Better still, you should be able to maintain the nonstick properties for decades. 

Handle types

A good quality handle is a heat insulator, non-slippery, and comfortable to hold as you cook. Silicone, wood, and Bakelite handles are an excellent choice. Stainless steel is perfect for oven-heating purposes.

You should however be careful with riveted handles. Although they are strong and provide a slip-less grip, you may accumulate food and bacteria around the riveted spot overtime.


If you need value for money, choose a pan whose tasks you can vary with need. A sauté pan can also serve as an egg scrambling pan. Or a baking pan that can be used for shallow frying and searing.

A sizable pan can make larger proportions compared to a small single user with a specific function.

Stove type

Pans don’t heat up evenly on all stove stops. Your choice of a better pan should narrow down to your type of heat source.

Some pans are better made for low-medium heat options. However, not all can withstand high temperatures. Your selection should be specific to your heat source.

Quality and Durability

Stainless steel and cast iron pans rock the market for their long lifespan. Heavy-gauge pans are high-quality and essential for every kitchen. Another measure of quality is the measure of nonstick property.

A good pan should not stick food even after greasing. Greasing enhances the nonstick property. Otherwise, once the nonstick coating breaks down, you may have to replace the pan or do away with it.

You don’t have to replace your pans if you invest in the right ones.

All in all, nonstick pans are perfect for frying eggs and pancakes. Subjecting them to extreme temperatures may cause a breakdown in their nonstick properties. On the contrary, these pans are great for lighter tasks.


Pans vary in size and complexity. A good pan should be all-purpose and you should realize economic value for a long span. Before you spend your money, cross-check the prices across market platforms.

You can buy a pocket-friendly pan that is strong, durable, and easy to maintain.

Whether you upgrade your kitchenware often or not, you should take care of what you have before investing in new replacements. So, how do you maintain your pots and pans in the best working condition? Have a look.

6 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Frying Pans

Caring for your cookware determines how long you’ll have and use them. There are several guidelines on how to do this. But you may be stuck on which ones to follow. Let’s make things easy. Here are six simple ways to maintain your pans in the best working condition.

  1. Avoid using any metal spoons and spatulas on your pan. Metal spatulas scratch off the coating and expose your nonstick pans to wear. Plastic and wooden spoons are a perfect replacement for metal utensils.

2. Purpose to hand wash your pans. Or wash with plain hot water to remove grease, and air to dry. Pans vary in care and maintenance depending on the material used.

3. Use your nonstick pans on low-medium heat if you have to. 

4. If you like stacking your pans, this may also expose your nonstick cookware to scratches. Keep your pans separately, or hang if it has the right handle for that.

5. Avoid cooking acidic meals and sauces in your cast iron as it may erode its nonstick properties.

6. Lastly, do not dip your pan into the water when still hot to avoid rapid cooling that causes warping.

Frequently Asked Questions on Scrambled Egg Pans

In this section, we react to common questions about your best choice of a pan for scrambled eggs. We hope that this segment should enlighten you and provide answers to your pressing questions.

Q: What kind of pan is best for scrambled eggs?

A: Cast iron and stainless steel are excellent options. However, nonstick pans are also great. They are easy to clean and also good for lighter duties like frying eggs.

Q: What is the best nonstick pan for eggs?

A: While many nonstick egg pans exist, there are a few that, in our opinion, truly stand out. The first one is the Tramontina Professional Fry Pan (8-Inch). We like it because it’s heavy-duty and quite reliable.

Another pan that we think is perfect for preparing scrambled eggs is the Valuu Nonstick Frying Pan- 4.7”. We were particularly drawn to its quality non-stick surface. What’s more, it’s a highly durable unit that provides good value for money.

But ultimately, each one of the pans mentioned in our write-up is worth its salt. You just need to look at your specific needs to zero-in on one that perfectly suits them.

Q: Do I need to grease the pan for scrambled eggs?

A: Greasing maintains the pans nonstick property. But you have to allow the oil to be hot enough before you introduce the eggs. 

Q: Why do my scrambled eggs always stick on the pan?

A: Whisk your eggs well before you introduce them into the pan. The pan should be hot enough, so should the oil. Avoid stirring the eggs immediately, not until a thin crust starts to form

Q: What pans do chefs use to cook the eggs?

A: Nonstick pans are used for breakfast options. They cook eggs well with their high walls retaining heat and ensure the eggs cook well.

Which is Best? Our Final Verdict

All our pans are the best you can find, high performance and excellent quality. However, Tramontina Professional Fry Pan is our top pick. You’ll appreciate the heavy-gauge aluminum body, that’s versatile for all stovetops.

It’s also handy for oven-heating up to 400o F, simple clean up, very durable and a comfortable silicone handle to hold the weight of the pan. For an affordable price, this is a classic pan for its functions and your culinary satisfaction.


With the best pan, you should enjoy your kitchen experience, recipes, and restaurant-quality dishes. It is now possible to secure high performing pans that are all-purpose and easy to maintain. All at a low budget range.

Go ahead and pick one pan of choice from our best pick suggestions above. Otherwise enjoy great egg recipes with the best pan for scrambled eggs.

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