7 Best Wok Cookbooks Reviews In 2023

Preparing meals requires a lot of timing and researching on recipes to ensure you get a perfect meal for your restaurant or family. A cookbook is very essential in giving you tips and tricks on the best way to prepare dishes that require cooking with a wok for the best results

Do you like preparing Chinese cuisine? Have you bought your wok and you’re wondering how to prepare different dishes? Then, worry no more. We’ve got the solution. Without a cookbook, a wok isn’t useful to the owner since you’ll not be able to use it effectively to make sumptuous recipes.

We have taken our time, done enough research on the best wok cookbook choices in the market to make your work easier in the kitchen. Continue to read through our picks to help you make the right purchase decision.

Best Wok Cookbooks: Comparison List

We have prepared a brief list that shows our best picks for your quick perusal. Here we go.

SLProduct NamePagesCheck Price
#1Easy Wok Cookbook200 pagesCheck Price
#2Easy Chinese Recipes144 pagesCheck Price
#3The Food of Sichuan480 pagesCheck Price
#4Chinese Soul Food256 pagesCheck Price
#5Essential Wok Cookbook150 pagesCheck Price
#6Every Grain of Rice352 pagesCheck Price
#7Wok Cooking Made Easy128 pagesCheck Price

7 Best Wok Cookbooks for your Cooking

1. Easy Wok Cookbook

On top of our list, this wok cookbook provides you with a wide range from simple to challenging recipes while using readily available ingredients. This book has been written with memories in it to give you a feel about the experience the writer has gone through in her culinary journey.

It has an impressive 88 recipes that ensure you have an easy time stir-fry, smoke, boil or steam your favorite meal. Additionally, the recipes have been listed in an attractive way including photos to make perfect illustrations.

At its price, you’ll get value for your money.

What We Like About It

One of the most outstanding features we love about the book is the clear illustration of the recipes and their ingredients which are easily found in the market. The recipes have been presented with an interesting story-like structure to keep you entertained and inspired.


  • Easy to understand
  • Wide range of recipes
  • Interesting to read
  • Excellent for family dishes


  • None

2. Easy Chinese Recipes

When you talk about variety, this cookbook provides you with different recipes including but not limited to Dim Sum and Kung Pao. The author has been inspired by her upbringing where culture and cuisine are intertwined as an everyday activity.

Also, the book provides you with tips that ensure you prepare tasty traditional dishes that are healthy and sweet to eat. Cooking techniques that have been used in the book help you cook food faster compared to the original recipes thus saving you time.

What We Like About It

The author, Bee Yinn Low has created very easy to follow recipes from amazing Chinese dishes that maintain the original taste with even better aromas.

In the book, the passionate writer has ensured that you’re served with her 5 favorite Chinese recipes that can be cooked with ingredients found in local supermarkets and grocery stores.


  • Includes 5 famous Chinese dishes
  • Easy to understand
  • Healthy recipes
  • Affordable price


  • Out of stock regularly

3. The Food of Sichuan

If you’re looking for the best Sichuanese recipes, then this book is the best choice for you. With a couple of accolades and honors in the cooking industry, it has proven to be a great guide into making the finest traditional and modern dishes.

More to that, Fuschia Dunlop, the author, who’s known for her best-selling book, Land of Plenty has added 70 more recipes in this book. How she has described the process and all stages of preparation from start to end are impressive.

You’ll have an easy time cooking using your wok as the directions are in detail and have easy grammar to understand.

What We Like About It

The most unique thing that sets it apart from the rest of the cookbooks is its uniquely written recipes that can’t be found put down on paper by other writers. This gives you very different and innovative ways to prepare your food and experience the best moments with your wok.


  • Amazing photo illustrations
  • Affordable recipes
  • Easy to understand
  • Unique cuisines


  • Lacks enough modern recipes

4. Chinese Soul Food

In our analysis of the best cookbooks in the market, this one helps you to cook modern American recipes such as creating the garlic eggplant sumptuous dish. Additionally, the book has been equipped with over 80 recipes that are easy to prepare.

Some of the most popular Chinese recipes outlined in this book are pork belly, green onion pancake, and beef noodle soup. Apart from stir-frying, this cookbook provides the best guide on how to prepare rice.

What We Like About It

A good thing about this cookbook is that it provides more than just recipes. The author gives you extra techniques, tips, and how to take care of a wok.

Additionally, you’ll not have to worry about using unfamiliar ingredients since the author has strived to help you make fine dishes with readily available spices and vegetables.


  • Has tips on caring and using a wok properly
  • Have modern recipes included
  • Uses familiar ingredients
  • Easy to read


  • May lack some recipes

5. Essential Wok Cookbook

This book is a good guide when you want to prepare your food indoors as opposed to going out in the restaurants to buy expensive meals.

Apart from offering clear illustrations for folding an egg roll or wanton, it delivers the recipes with authentic stories on how the recipes were developed in the past.

What’s more, it features American styles of cooking Chinese dishes that have been re-invented to make recipes including fortune cookies and the famous egg drop soup.

Also, another reason why we consider it as one of the best wok cookbooks is its ability to show you which recipes require less time to prepare and that are affordable.

What We Like About It

One of the outstanding benefits of this cookbook is that it provides you with alternative ingredients that can be swapped when you can’t find the ones used in an original recipe. Additionally, this book provides wok cooking mastery that enables you to avoid using extra oil and salt in your dish.


  • Offers tips on alternative ingredients
  • Both modern and traditional recipes
  • Affordable
  • Shows estimated time and cost of making the recipes


  • A limited number of recipes

6. Every Grain of Rice

From preparing fast quick fixes such as late-night noodles to the complex Gong Bao Chicken, this book provides all kinds of recipes that are sweet and that have a captivating aroma.

It incorporates majorly use of vegetables in cooking with small pieces of fish and meat in most recipes.

We love the fact that you’ll find it easy to use since the writer has used amazing photography and illustrations that bring out all ingredients and how the final dish should look like.

Written by a chef who graduated from the best Sichuan cooking school, Fuchsia Dunlop has perfected her art to describe Chinese cuisine with high accuracy that you can prepare at home or as a professional.

What We Like About It

Apart from giving us mouth-watering recipes, the book provides you with seasoning and rare techniques used in Chinese cooking.


  • Recommended for vegetarians
  • Fast recipes to prepare
  • Nice photography
  • Provides seasoning techniques


  • Some recipes are difficult to prepare

7. Wok Cooking Made Easy

As its name suggests, this wok cookbook strives to ensure that you understand the instructions of making the best dish out from complicated Asian recipes. This book consists of over 60 recipes that are easy and fast to prepare.

We consider it as the best option to purchase for a stir-frying enthusiast. The cooking methods outlined in this book ensure that your food’s nutritional value and taste have been preserved.

Some of the recipes that have been perfectly explained and illustrated include Thai Fried rice and Spicy Sichuan Tofu. This book gives you the feeling that you don’t require to be a super chef to make its simple dishes.

What We Like About It

In our opinion, we love the delivery of the recipes by the author since it’s made with the Western audience in mind. This helps you to perfect and enjoy preparing both modern and traditional Chinese dishes at the comfort of your house.


  • Recipes save time
  • Easy to follow
  • Affordable price
  • Recipes retain nutrition value


  • Some ingredients may be hard to find

Buyer Guide – the Best Wok Cookbook For your kitchen

We have a huge variety of wok cookbooks in the market today. Some cookbooks offer more value and tips to the user compared to the rest. 

To ensure that you purchase a book that shall be of the most benefit in your kitchen, we’ve come up with some considerations and features of a good wok cookbook below.

Simple Recipes

A good wok cookbook should provide you with recipes that can be prepared with the least difficulty. This is important since some cookbooks have very complicated recipes that may give you a headache to follow.

In this regard, the ingredients used in the cookbook should be readily available in your local grocery shops. If there are missing ingredients, a good book provides alternatives to help you become more successful in trying different recipes.

Photographs and Illustrations

It’s a no brainer that photographs containing ingredients and illustrations showing the various stages of preparations are an important part of a wok cookbook.

They help to inspire you during the whole process and you’re able to compare your final dish with that on the book to measure your success.

Number of Recipes

A minimum of 50 recipes should be the least provided for a perfect wok cookbook. You get to try different recipes such that you don’t get out of ideas after a short time. The more recipes a cookbook provides, the better for you.

Common Questions People Ask About the Best Wok Cookbook Choices

We know there are a couple of questions that you’re probably having concerning woks and their cookbooks. It’s for this reason that we have decided to answer some of them below for your quick review.

What dishes can be cooked in a wok?

There are many kinds and types of dishes that can be prepared using a wok. Some of the popular ones include Sizzling Pepper, Mapo Tofu, Garlic Eggplant, and Sweet Chili Shrimp.

Can you cook everything in a wok?

A wok can be used to prepare more types of recipes apart from the ones requiring stir-frying. For instance, it’s used to make stews, boil water, and even during the smoking process.

Is wok cooking healthy?

Yes. Most of its recipes are prepared by stir-frying which is a healthy process of cooking. Also, it’s easy and fast hence offering great convenience for busy people.

Besides that, since the vegetables aren’t allowed to overcook, they are more nutritious. Lastly, you use fewer amounts of oil while using a wok.

Should a wok be non-stick?

We don’t recommend non-stick woks. This is because food doesn’t sear in a non-stick pan. Also, during stir-frying, high temperatures are used to cook the dishes and this spoils many average quality woks.

Best Pick Overall

A good wok cookbook should ensure that you make your favorite dish with much ease and minimal errors to ensure you obtain the original taste and eat healthy foods.

In our opinion, the top-rated wok cookbook is Easy Wok Cookbook written by Terri Dien. What we love about this book is that the book has over 88 properly illustrated recipes that can be prepared using locally available ingredients.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Chinese recipes have increasingly become regular in the western world kitchens due to their nutritious and healthy benefits. This review consists of the best wok cookbook choices that you can rely on to improve and enhance your prowess in the kitchen.

We hope that one of these cookbooks shall help you make the best use of your wok.

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