Can you make caramel in a stainless-steel pan?

Caramel is a prevalent food all over the world nowadays. This is not the main dish but this is famous food. At least one person in every family loves caramel. I think your family is not out of them. And so for this, you are here to make caramel for your family. Now you want to know “can you make caramel in a stainless-steel pan?” for your family.

You are the owner of a stainless-steel pan and want to use your pan to make caramel. So for this, you want to know the right answer. Don’t worry, you are in right place to find out your answer.

In this article, you will get your answer and more about caramel. So just relax and read this article fully.

What is caramel

Caramel is one kind of candy made with sugar. When you start melting sugar at 170 °C that time the molecules break down slowly and get a new compound with a deep, rich flavor, and a dark golden-brown color. This new compound is called caramel. And this process is called caramelization.

Can you make caramel in a stainless-steel pan

Yes, you could make caramel in a stainless steel pan. Just use a heavy bottom and sturdy stainless steel pan for making caramel. Because caramel making is a very slow process. You should maintain temperature, continuously stirring, and time very carefully.

To maintain your candy cooking temperature you could use a candy thermometer. And also could use a timer and a good spatula for time and stirring your candy.

So without any doubt just maintain the process carefully and use your stainless steel pan for making caramel. Don’t forget to clean your pan after use for a long time use.

Don’t Avoid common things while making caramel

There are some common mistakes that are doing most people while they are making caramel. If you also do that then it will cause a bad experience. So don’t avoid these kinds of things and enjoy your caramel with your family. I discuss this common things below very shortly.

Using a right pan

To make caramel you need to use a heavy bottom and sturdy pan. If you use a thin pan for making caramel then it can burn your candy before complete your cooking. Because this cooking process needs high heat and even heat distribution. So don’t use a thin pan, always use a heavy-bottomed pan for making caramel.

Use a clean pot and pan

Don’t use a dirty pan for making caramel. If you use a dirty or burned pan then it ruins your caramel texture and taste. And it is not also healthy for your body. So all the time use a clean pan for making caramel.

Use the right sugar

Don’t use fancy sugar to make caramel. If you use this kind if sugar then it will make you fool. Because this kind of sugar does not melt finely. So it makes your caramel hard. On the other hand, if you use the right sugar then you will get a perfect caramel. Because this sugar melts easily and makes caramel smooth.

Use a candy thermometer

A candy thermometer is a very important tool while you make caramel. Because what kind of caramel hard or soft you will make fully depend on temperature. If you use the wrong temperature then your caramel also will be wrong. So use a candy temperature for making your caramel perfect.

So last of this part, I just say that don’t avoid this common thing while making caramel. Now I will show you below a candy thermometer that helps you to make caramel. If you want you can check that for your cooking.

Best candy thermometer for caramel

This is Taylor Precision Products Digital Candy Thermometer. This super-quality thermometer comes with a programmable feature and green signal light. So that you could use this thermometer very easily. This meter also has an adjustable pan clip which helps to hang with the pan while stirring.

The head of this thermometer is tilted so that you could easily see the present temperature. That will help you to get perfect caramel. The stem of this thermometer has a blunt end, so there is no worry to scratch the pan. For accurate temperature, just make sure the stem does not touch the bottom of the pan.

This digital thermometer is perfect for making candy and also for deep frying. Because this meter has a high-temperature measure range of 40C to 260C. For your convenience, the company installed one battery in the thermometer.

This thermometer will be hot after use, so be careful to handle it after use. And also it has a one-year limited warranty. So without delay, you could make a purchase for your candy cooking.


  • Comes with a programmable feature
  • This thermometer has an adjustable clip
  • High range of temperature
  • No chance of a pan scratch
  • One battery installed in the thermometer


  • This thermometer makes hot after use
  • Limited warranty


At the last of this article, we can say that “Yes, we can use stainless steel pans for making caramel”. Now without any doubt, you could use your stainless steel pan. Not only that but also you can use your pan for making scrambled eggs because it is a various uses pan.

I think this article will help you to make caramel. If you have any opinions or questions then let me know in the comment box.

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