Do you need a special burner for a wok?

Wok burner is a very common name in the cooking world. Almost every kitchen has a burner according to their wok. If you don’t have a wok burner in your kitchen, then you should add a burner for easy cooking. You want to add a burner to your kitchen but you are confused about What kind of wok burner you need or Do you need a special burner for your wok cooking?

No reason to worry, you will be clear about your confusion about your needed wok burner by this article. So just keep reading to the end and find your answer.

Do you need a special burner for a wok?

Your answer is both Yes and No. Are you more confused about this answer? Okay, let me explain below.

There is no special wok burner in the market, all are good. According to this rule, you don’t need a special burner for your wok.

On the other hand, all the burners are good but different in their uses and size. You need a burner according to your wok size, stove, and induction. You could not use any one burner for any size wok or any kind of induction. You need a perfect burner according to your wok size and induction types. So, by this rule, you need a special burner for your wok.

You should select a burner according to your using purpose because there are different kinds of wok burners on the market. Some wok burners are used for outdoor cooking and some for indoor. Select one according to your demand.

Advantages of a wok burner

There are some benefits of using a wok burner, if you have a burner in your kitchen then you must use those benefits for making your cooking easy. A wok burner is not only a cooking tool but also a helping hand for wok cooking. Let’s see some benefits of a wok burner below.

1. You can cook with a round bottom wok on induction very easily by using a wok burner.

2. For using a wok burner your cook will be done fast.

3. You can cook with less cooking oil by using a wok burner.

4. Wok burner distribute heat very evenly to the wok while cooking.

5. Wok burner can generate 100000 BTU.

Warning: The disadvantage of using a wok burner is that it is an expensive and extra cost for cooking purposes.

Best wok burner

Select a wok burner that is best for you. This is Concord Professional Single Cyclone Wok Burner with Stand. This burner is capable of putting up to 100000 BTU. This burner comes with a removable wok ring for use with a round bottom wok, pan, etc.

This wok burner is enough powerful for stir-frying, deep frying, home brewing, and more. So, you can check this burner for your cooking. This burner has a free return policy also.

The size of this burner is 13”. So, you can store this burner in a small place. And this pan is made with solid cast iron.


At the end of this article, I can say that you already found your answer for the question of Can you need a special burner for a wok. Now easily you can buy a wok burner to make different kinds of recipes with a wok.

Wish you all the best for your cooking…!!!

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