How to choose a wok – For your cooking

A wok is a Chinese cooking utensil. This wok is very popular in China for many years. But nowadays, the wok is also very popular worldwide as a cooking tool. If you are a cook lover and there is no wok in your kitchen, this is a rare case. Now, you want to buy a wok for your cooking. But you are confused about how to choose a wok because many types of wok have in the market.

Don’t worry dear! It is a really hard task to choose a wok for cooking. But after reading this article to the end you will be reached a decision to buy a wok for your kitchen very easily. In this article, you will learn almost everything about how to choose a wok pan, that will help you to select a wok for your cooking.

How to choose a wok – Factor to consider

When you will buy a wok for the kitchen, some factor has to consider likes- Material of the wok, Size of the wok, and Shape of the wok. So that you can select the best one from the market.

Material for wok

There are different types of wok materials in the market such as Carbon steel, Cast iron, Aluminum, etc. Some descriptions of all materials are given below:

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel material is the best choice for wok. A carbon steel wok is the best option for your daily cooking. This is a versatile wok. This wok comes very lightweight, so you can transfer this wok from one place to another place. This wok comes with a handle that also helps you to handle it. Carbon steel can be absorbed high heat and this wok distributes heat very evenly.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is another great material for wok. A cast iron wok is a very traditional wok for cooking. Cast iron material can heat up quickly and also give heat very evenly. With a cast iron wok, you can cook different types of cooking. But if you select a cast iron wok, you will need to clean your wok often.


Aluminum is another good metal for wok. An aluminum wok is better than carbon steel and cast iron. For stir fry, aluminum is the perfect metal as a wok. Not only stir fry but also other cooking are good at aluminum wok. This wok can heat up very fast. So, if your kitchen gas range is low then this is the perfect wok for you.

Size for wok

If you have a question in your mind that what size of wok is best? Your answer is that 12-14 inches are the best size for a wok. But it varies for every person according to their family member.

Yes! If you belong to a joint family then you need a large size wok. On the other hand, if you have only 2-3 members in your family then you need a small size wok. No need to worry, because every size of wok is available in the market.

Shape of wok

Two types of wok have in the marker they are – round bottom wok and flat bottom wok. Each of the two shapes is essential for their certain cooking. For cleaning your doubt about round bottom wok vs flat bottom wok – which one is best? I gave some descriptions below, read them carefully.

Round bottom wok

A wok comes with a nice round shape is called a round bottom wok. This wok is famous for its easy and versatile use. This wok is perfect for stir-frying, scrambled eggs, boiling, and searing. You can cook with very little cooking oil without any problems like uneven cooking, food attached to the bottom of the wok, etc. The heat distribution of this wok is very good.

Flat bottom wok

A wok that comes with a flat surface is called a flat bottom wok. The flat bottom wok is also a versatile cooking tool. This wok is used for flat gas hob or flat cooking technic. Don’t need to use a wok ring for flat bottom wok. Check out our below flat bottom wok for your buying decision easy.

Wok accessories – Must need for your wok cooking

If you want to use a wok for cooking then some accessories you need must for your cooking perfectly. These accessories are – Wok lid, Wok burner, and Wok spatula. A few descriptions are given below for all of these accessories.

Wok lid

You don’t imagine a perfect wok without a wok lid. A wok lid is very useful for cooking. When you cook deep frying, you need a wok lid. Some wok comes with a lid and some are not. Different kinds of wok lids have in the market like wooden lids, glass lids, steel lids, etc. you will choose a lid according to your demand.

Wok burner

A wok burner is another important tool for wok cooking. With this cooking tools, you will get high pressure of cooking range 61000BTU. With this tool, the wok will get a high amount of heat in a very short time. So, for this, your food will be done very quickly. But finding the best wok burner is a hard task. Because different kinds of wok burner have in the market. You will must choice best one from them according to your demand and budget. I attached a wok burner in below for you, check it out.

Wok spatula

Wok spatula is another important accessory. Many types of spatulas on the market, and you will select one of them. You need this tool for any kind of cooking. Without a spatula, you would not able to complete your cooking perfectly. So, chose the best spatula for your cooking.


At the end of this article, I can say now you know everything about how to choose a wok. Now, no matter to buy a wok for you. So lastly, I hope you will make a perfect buying decision for your kitchen.

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