How to clean a muffin pan – With easy process

The muffin pan is very common cookware in every kitchen because of its versatile use. Your kitchen is not out of them. You also have this pan in your kitchen. But you don’t know the perfect way to clean this pan. Now you want to learn How to clean a muffin pan? So that you can do this with your muffin pan.

Don’t worry, you are here meaning your problem is almost solved. Just keep reading this article and learn the process of cleaning a muffin pan. In this article, you will find the cleaning process of a muffin pan, various ways to use a muffin pan, factors to be considered when buying a muffin pan, and recommended product that is needed for cleaning your pan.

So, without any delay let’s drive into the article.

How to clean a muffin pan – the process

It is very easy to clean a muffin pan if you know the perfect process. It will be hard for you if you don’t know the process. So, let’s learn the process of cleaning a muffin pan.

1. Make a mixture of baking soda and hot water. Ensure the baking soda is mixed very well with the hot water.

2. Pour the mixture into the hole of the muffin pan and preheat your oven. After full of all the holes with the mixture place your pan in the preheated oven.

3. When you ensure that the burned foods are loose in the hole at that time remove your pan from the oven.

4. Now let it cool after that pour some mixture again and wash every hole of the muffin pan with your hand and a scouring pad.

5. If can also put your muffin pan into warm water for a few hours, if you don’t want to bake your pan in the oven. At this time, you can add vinegar and baking soda to the water. After complete wash warps your pan with a soft and dry cloth.

It will be long-lasting if you take proper care of this pan.

Many ways to use a muffin pan

You can use your muffin pan for various tasks. You can use it for making pancakes, baking food, snacks, soup, etc. let’s get into details.

Meatballs in muffin pan

You can cook your meatballs in a muffin pan very easily. After making meatballs it will be very easy to clean your pan. And also, a muffin pan gives your foods unique flavor and makes them crunchy. So, you can use your muffin pan for making meatballs.

Snacks in muffin pans

You can cut different types of fruits in very small amounts and place them into the different holes of the muffin pan. Then transfer your muffin pan into the freezer for a certain time. After that, you can remove the pan from freeze and take your fruits as your snacks. This is very healthy and economically safe for you.

Soup in muffin pans

This is another way to use your muffin pan. You can make soup in your muffin pan very easily and you also can freeze your soup with this muffin pan. And it is very easy to clean your pan after using this.

Milk in muffin pan

Another way to use your muffin pan is by freezing milk. For this job, you can use different holes to store milk and you will use them according to your demand from them.

So lastly, I can say that if you have a muffin pan in your kitchen you can use this cookware for various tasks.

Factor to consider when buying a muffin pan

When you buy a muffin pan you should consider some factors. These factors make your pan perfect and of good quality.

Making material

It is an important factor that the muffin pan is made by which material? It would be silicone, stainless steel, glass, and ceramic. You should avoid buying those pans made of harmful chemicals. Every material is not safe for cookware and your health. So, be careful to choose a wok pan.

The ability of heat absorbance

Another important factor that you should consider before purchasing a muffin pan. You need a muffin pan that is safe at high heat because you will use this pan at high heat for baking your food.

If you select a pan that is not good at high heat then it will damage when you use this pan at high heat. So must check product heat capacity before purchasing one.

Size or number of holes

The muffin pan comes in a different size. You should select a pan according to your demand or family member. If you belong to a joint family then you should buy a large muffin pan. On the other hand, if you are from a single family then you need a small size muffin pan.

Generally, 5 to 24 cups have in a muffin pan. So select a pan according to your needed cup to use. You will select a pan that can handle very easily.

Price of the muffin pan

This is another important factor in buying a muffin pan. Not every good quality pan comes at an expensive rate. So check various brand products before making buying decision according to your budget. In this way, you will find the best muffin pan in your budget.

Baking soda for cleaning pans

You need a good quality baking soda for cleaning your pan. This is Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. You can use this baking soda without any doubt for cleaning your pan and pots.

You can use this baking soda not only for cleaning pans but also for versatile use. You can use this baking soda with a washing machine. Also, can use for cleaning the kitchen floor, doors, and more.

This baking soda is harsh chemical free and useable for many surfaces. You can fully trust the brand Arm & Hammer and buy this product for your cleaning purpose.

best scouring pad

when you want to clean your pan you need the best scouring pad. And this is not an easy task to select a perfect scouring pad for cleaning. So for this, I recommended for you this scouring pad.

This is MR.SIGA Heavy Duty Scouring Pad. This pad is perfect for pan, Sink, and Dish. This pad helps you to keep your kitchen tools shiny and neat after every use. This is a perfect pad for cleaning, you can check this out for your cleaning purpose.


You already knew the process of cleaning a muffin pan. Now you can easily do this with baking soda after every use of your muffin pan.

You also knew that a muffin pan is perfect for baking to the cooking soup. So take care of your pan for long-lasting. Happy cooking…!!!

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