How to cook brats in a pan

Brats are very popular in your family as like other families in the world. You want to cook Barts at home but you have no grill in your kitchen. You want to cook brats in your pan but you don’t know How to cook brats in a pan. Now, you want to learn this process and make this item in your kitchen. So for this, you are here.

Don’t worry! You are here means it is a matter of time for you to know everything about making bratwurst in a pan. Not only you but also many people think that brats are perfect only for grilling. But they do not know that brats can be cooked in a pan with the same taste.

In this article, I will discuss cooking brats in a pan to clear all of your miss concepts about bratwurst. So let’s get into deep.

Recipe for cooking brats – Ingredients

· A packet of bratwurst (4/5 brats per pack)

· A large pan

· 2 tablespoons olive oil

· A large onion with sliced

A very short list for making this recipe. But, make sure all ingredients are ready before start cooking.

How to cook brats in a pan – Easy Process

It is very easy to cook brats in a pan at home if you know the process of it. I have given three easy steps below, check them and cook this delicious recipe for your family.

First Step: how to cook bratwurst

Preheat your pan for making brats. After getting heat a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan and wait for enough heat.

Second Step: how to cook bratwurst

After 2 minutes, add the onion to the pan over medium-high heat and cook until the onion gets soft. After getting soft add your brats to the pan to cook. Cook every side of the brats for 4/5 minutes. After every 4/5 minutes turn your brats to another side for cooking. Do this same process for every brat and every side of brats.

Third step: how to cook bratwurst

It will take almost 20 minutes for four sides of the brats. Now, add another teaspoon of olive oil to the pan for making this recipe better taste. After completing your cooking brats looks brown.

At this point, you should check the internal temperature of brats for a healthy and tasty dish. You can check this temperature with a meat thermometer. If you find at least 160 °F then your brats are ready to serve. So, serve this delicious food with a hot dogs bun or just brats to your family and enjoy the food.

Note: If you want to cook this recipe fast then add a cup of water to the pan and cook that will be done within 8 to 10 minutes. You can also add beer to cook this recipe. If you add beer to cooking this recipe then this method is called the beer method of cooking brats.

Health benefits of bratwurst

1. Choline is a very important nutrient for our body cells. Not only cells but also very important for our brain and hearts. And bratwurst is a great source of choline.

2. 297 calories have in every 100g of bratwurst, so take 200g of bratwurst every day to fill out our daily need of calories.

3. There has a mineral in the bratwurst called selenium. This selenium is very important to boost the immunity system during pregnancy. So, bratwurst is also needed for pregnant women. This bratwurst is also helped to grow an unborn baby.

4. Protein is very important for all of us. 12 gm protein has in every 100gm of bratwurst that helps to get the daily intake of our body.

5. It provides vitamin B-12 and Iron that is very important to keep our blood healthy.

I think the health benefits of eating bratwurst are helping you to understand the importance of bratwurst in your life. And also help you to keep cool when you will enjoy this delicious food with your family. Because of its good support for our body.

Best pan for making brats

You have different kinds of pans in your kitchen. Now you have a question in your mind what is the best pan for making bratwurst? Your answer is Cast iron skillet is the best choice for making bratwurst. If you are an owner of a cast iron pan then use it to cook this item. But if you don’t have then you can use also a non-stick pan or others that have one in your kitchen.

If you want to buy a cast iron pan for a better result then I recommended a cast iron pan below. Check out this pan for getting a better result.

The name of this pan is Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet. This pan comes with 3 pieces set. If you buy, you will get 3 pieces of pas in a different size. The variation of size will help you for cooking different sizes of brats. You will use any one of these pan according to your brats.

This set of pans is made of cast iron with pre-seasoned. Cast iron doesn’t leach chemicals but it can leach some iron into your food. That is really good for health. To clean this pan never use soap, it is not dishwasher-safe.

Best Brats in market

There are many kinds of brats in the market. To find out the best is not an easy task. So, to make it easy for you I recommended the product below. Check it out for making your buying decision easy.

This is Fresh Brand – Bratwurst Sausage Links. This brat is gluten-free and has no MSG. No artificial color and flavor are sued for making these brats. These brats come with a very low budget and high quality. This is perfect on pan, grill, and stove also.


I think, making bratwurst with a pan is very easy for you now. Because you got all of the points of How to cook brats in a pan. So, you will enjoy this delicious food at your home very soon by cooking this.

Don’t forget to share with me your cooking experience in the comment box. Best wishes for your cooking…!!!

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