How to cook pasta with sauce

There are many ways to cook pasta. Pasta is very famous in every family, your family is not out of them. So, you want to cook pasta for your family with sauce. But you know the ordinary method of cooking pasta. Now you are confused about How to cook pasta with sauce. Don’t worry! After reading this article you will be cleared all about cooking pasta with sauce.

In this article, you will learn the pasta recipe, the process of making this recipe, and many more about pasta. For this recipe, you can use any kind of sauce according to your choice. I will use tomato sauce as a pasta sauce in this recipe. Let’s get into depth.

Pasta with sauce recipe – Ingredients

· Olive oil 2 tablespoons

· ½ medium size onion with fine diced

· Red chili flakes ½ teaspoon

· 1 clove of garlic minced

· 390gm tomato

· 225gm pasta

· Salt to taste

Make confirm all of the ingredients are ready before start cooking.

How to cook pasta with sauce – Six easy steps

In this section, I will give you step by step process of cooking pasta with sauce. So, read this article carefully that will help you to cook pasta at home for your family.

Step One: How to cook pasta

Place your selected pan for making pasta over medium-high heat (I personally use a sauté pan for making pasta). Add 1 tablespoon olive oil and heat it. After getting heat, add onion and cook. After cooked set them aside.

Step Two: How to cook pasta

In the same pan, add tomato pieces and saute for 2-3 minutes. After getting soft tomato, add red chili flakes and heat. After 2-3 minutes remove them from the pan and wait to get cool.

Step Three: How to cook pasta

After cooled, transfer them to a blender and blend them to smooth paste. Sat aside this sauce and drive to the next step.

Step Four: How to cook pasta

Start boiling 2-liter water in a large pot and added salt as needed. After boiling the water add your pasta to the boiling water. Cook al dente according to the direction of the pasta pack. Then drain all water and remove boiled pasta from the water.

Step Five: How to cook pasta

Now, back to the same sauté pan for making pasta and heat the pan. Add another 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the pan and garlic and chili flakes. Start saute until they turn fragrant. Next, add chopped onion and saute them until their smell goes away.

Step Six: How to cook pasta

Now add your tomato sauce and salt to the pan over medium-high heat. Mix and cook them until the sauce make thickens. After that, add your cooked pasta and cook until they make well combined. I use another 1 tablespoon of olive oil in this stage. Add crushed pepper and serve your hot pasta with sauce to your friends and family.

Health benefits of pasta

In this section, you will learn the health benefits of pasta. That will help you to keep mentally satisfied when enjoying this delicious dish with your family. Let’s learn the health benefits of eating pasta.

1. If you are under diet control then pasta is an ideal dish for you. Pasta is made from grain and also we used different types of vegetables, fruits, fish meat, etc when cook pasta. All of them are good sources of high energy. It also gives us fiber that important for our health. So, pasta is a perfect dish for a good diet.

2. Whole grain pasta contains several good things that help your body to protect against certain kinds of cancer such as stomach and colon cancer.

3. If you are worried about your fat then pasta is a good option as your dish. Because pasta contains a very small amount of fat.

4. If you are worried about cholesterol then pasta is the best option for you. Pasta is a very low amount of sodium and cholesterol-free. So, you can make pasta as your dish without any tension.

5. Enriched pasta comes with folic acid which is essential for those women who are at the stage of childbirth. 25% of daily intake of folic acid comes from a serving of dry pasta.

Now, I will talk to you about the best pasta for a few minutes in next step.

Best pasta for tomato sauce

When we called pasta, there are many kinds of pasta that play in our mind. Different kinds of pasta come with different kinds of textures. From all of them, choosing the best pasta for tomato sauce is not an easy task.

So for this, I will review in this section a pasta that is great for tomato sauce. So that, you can make select a good quality pasta.

This is Barilla Medium Shells Pasta. This pasta is made with durum wheat semolina. This pasta is crafted with the highest quality Non-Gmo ingredients and is kosher certified.

Best tomato sauce for pasta

When you fix tomato sauce as your pasta sauce, you need to buy a good quality tomato sauce if you don’t want to make the sauce at your home. But finding the best tomato sauce from different kinds of tomato sauce is a hard task. To make your task easy I recommended a tomato sauce for you, that is best for pasta.

The name of this sauce is Papa Vince Pasta Tomato Sauce. That is made by tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, Basil, and sea salt. No color and no preservatives are used to make this sauce. This sauce is sugar-free. Seasoned with Basil, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. So, this sauce is perfect for children also.


At the end of this article, I can say that you already got all the points of how to cook pasta with sauce. Now, it is a matter of time for you to cook pasta with sauce at home. I hope you will enjoy this delicious food with your family very soon.

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