How to deep fry in a pan

You don’t have a deep fryer in your cooking area but you have a pan in your kitchen. You want to deep fry in your pan. But you don’t know the method of deep-frying. Now you want to know how to deep fry in a pan. In this article, you will know everything about deep frying. So just keep reading to the end.

How to deep fry in a pan – with easy methods

Deep frying in a pan is not an easy task if you do not know the right process. Read the given step below and make it easy.

1. Place your selected cookware for deep frying at a high temperature. Fill this pan with cooking oil at least 10cm.

2. For deep frying cooking oil should be 375 to 400 hots. You can check your cooking oil by using a probe thermometer.

3. After getting enough hot add your food to the hot oil. Do it more carefully because oil splashing can harm your face and body.

4. It is a fast process. So your food will be fried very soon. After getting brown color remove your food from the hot oil. Small pieces of food are better than large pieces to cook evenly and fast. If you use large sizes, make sure your temperature is lower otherwise your food outside will be burned but inside will not be well cooked.

5. While removing your food from hot oil use a paper towel to absorb excess oil and keep your food crispy.

6. Sprinkle sea salt on your food and serve it to your family.

7. After finishing cooking, you don’t move your pan immediately. Wait for the cooking oil to get cool and don’t worry about cleaning your pan.

Now, I will talk to you about the best cooking oil for deep fry for a few minutes, which help you to select the best one for your deep frying.

Oil for deep frying

There are different types of cooking oil in the market. Finding out the best one from them is not an easy task. Because some factors have to consider when choosing the oil for deep frying such as – smoke point and fat. Need high smoke point cooking oil for deep frying.

After researching many types of oil, I recommended for your deep-frying – vegetable oil and canola oil. If you want you can also use others oil such as – soybean oil, corn oil, grapeseed oil, etc. but vegetable oil and canola oil is the best option for deep frying.

Canola oil for deep frying

Canola oil is the best option for your cooking and frying. The name of this oil is Happy belly canola oil. This oil is cholesterol-free and contains 14g of total fat per serving. That means this is also a healthy cooking oil.

After completing your frying, don’t pour hot oil back into the container. For this, damage can occur and causing for injury.

Vegetable oil for deep frying

Vegetable oil is another option for your deep frying. This product name is Pure vegetable oil. This oil comes with a natural flavor. This vegetable oil is cholesterol-free and contains 0gm of trans fat. So, this is also a healthy oil for your cooking and frying.

Thermometer for deep frying

A thermometer is a very essential tool during deep frying. This thermometer help to monitor your cooking temperature which is very important for deep frying.

This is a deep-fry thermometer stainless steel with a pot clip. There are 6 temperature zone on display and easy to read this thermometer. The handle of this thermometer stays cool and does not retain heat. The temperature range of this thermometer is 90°F to 400°F. That is great for deep frying.

FAQs on Deep fry in a pan

Q. What type of pan is best for deep frying?

A. A pan with at least 3 inches of the wall is best for deep frying. It can be stainless steel pan, non-stick pan, cast iron skillet, etc. But make sure a minimum 3 inches wall has your pan and enough space for oil and food.

Q. How can you make your fried food healthy?

A. By following 5 easy ways you can make it healthy – use good oil, use fresh oil, use the correct temperature, fry healthy ingredients, and use the right cookware.

For healthy cooking make sure you use good oil and fresh oil. Don’t use any used oil or unclean oil for deep frying. Also, maintain your cooking temperature for healthy and evenly frying. The standard temperature for deep frying is 375°F. Another part is used healthy ingredients and the last one is your pan, use the perfect pan for deep frying to get better result.


At this point, I can say that you already understand the method of how-to deep fry in a pan. And you also know what is the best oil for deep frying.

So, now time to start your cooking and enjoy the food with your family. If you have any questions about deep frying feel free to ask in the comment box. Best wishes for your deep-frying…!!!

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