How to fix scratched non-stick pan

A non-stick pan is a very common cooking tool in every kitchen. Your kitchen is not out of them. But scratching on a non-stick pan is also very common, it also knows those who are using this pan. So, you want to know How to fix a scratched non-stick pan so that you will do that for your pan.

Fixing a scratched non-stick pan is not so hard task if you know the right way to do this. Don’t worry in this post you will learn almost everything about the non-stick pan. Just keep reading to the end and follow all the steps that I already said in this article.

How to fix scratched non-stick pan with easy steps

Non-stick pans are very popular all over the world for its feature. You can use this pan for versatile use. But scratching is also a very common problem for this pan. We need a solution for this problem so we can use this pan for long-lasting. So, let’s learn the steps how to fix the scratched non-stick pan below.

Step One: Clean your pan

First, clean your non-stick pan with dishwashing soap and warm water. Warm water helps burned food to remove from the bottom of the pan. After complete cleaning uses a paper towel or dry cloth to dry the pan.

Step Two: Spray with non-stick cookware spray

After completely dry, spray non-stick repair spray on your pan. Make sure your pan is fully coated with the spray. Without being coated with the spray your pan will not repair properly.

If you don’t have any repair spray in your kitchen then check out my recommendation below in this post or visit any nearest kitchenware store of yours.

Step Three: Let the pan rest for 30 minutes

After completing your spray, let the pan rest for 30 minutes at room temperature. At this time must cover your pan with a large clean cloth so that any out dust can’t place on the pan.

I suggest you use foil to cover your pan after doing the spray.

Step Four: Heat your pan

After complete 30 minutes at room temperature, heat your pan in the oven or on the stovetop. If you have an oven, you can use your pan in the oven, just make sure the handle of your pan is oven safe. If you don’t have an oven, you can heat it on the stovetop.

If you use your oven to bake your pan, do it for 45 minutes at 450 °F. On the other hand, if you use your stovetop then do it for 15-20 minutes at low to medium heat.

This heat-up process helps spray to restore the surface of your non-stick pan. So do it carefully. After completing the heat-up process let the pan rest to cool down.

Step Five: Wash your pan

Now your pan is ready to wash. So, wash your pan with dishwashing soap and a soft sponge under warm water. Make sure the spray is fully removed. Now your pan is ready to re-use.

Don’t use too much pressure or abrasive scrubbing pads at this stage.

how can you save your non-stick pan from scratch?

Scratch is common for non-stick pans. But you can save your pan from scratching and damaging by following some common rules.

1. All of the non-stick pans are not good at high temperatures. Some are good and some are not. Avoid high temperatures to save your non-stick pan from damaging or scratching.

If you need high heat cooking then use those non-stick pans that are best for high heat cooking.

2. Don’t use any metal accessories while cooking with a non-stick pan. Use silicone, wooden, and plastic accessories to avoid scratch and damage.

3. Don’t place an empty pan on the heat, if you do this it creates polymer fumes. According to NCBI polymer fumes is not good for our body. Use some oil, food, or water before placing your pan on heat.

4. Don’t use any dishwasher to clean a non-stick pan. Just use a little amount of dishwashing soap and warm water to clean your pan.

5. Don’t use abrasive scrubbing pads to clean your non-stick pan. It can cause for damaging your pan.

When you Should Throw Away Non-Stick Pans?

You are using a non-stick pan for many years. But you have a question in your mind that when you should throw away your non-stick pan. Let’s talk about it below.

1. If you notice the core of your pan is showing then it is time to throw away your pan.

2. If you see the handle of your pan is unattached from the pan then it is time to throw away your pan. Without a handle, you will not able to use this pan properly. It can be cause for your injury.

3. When you notice that you add enough cooking oil but food becomes sticky on the bottom of your pan that time you should throw away your pan.

Now I will talk to you about non-stick pan repair spray and soft sponge so that you can make your buying decision easier.

Best non-stick cookware repair spray

This is Lodge Seasoning Spray. This is a Non-Aerosol Spray. This spray protects your cookware from scratching and damage. Flashpoints of this spray are 294.0 degrees Celsius. This spray will help you to fix the scratching problem of your pan.

Repairing spray is the most important element for fix scratch your non-stick pan. So, you should select the best repair spray for your pan. You can check out this spray for your non-stick pan.

Best soft sponge for cleaning

This is a Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponges for Kitchen. This sponge is made of the best quality polyester, polyamide, and polyurethane which means this sponge will not be out in a week like others.

This sponge contains no harmful chemicals. So, this is 100% safe for your health. So you can try this sponge for your cookware.

The most important part of this sponge is that it is washable. After use when it becomes smelly you can wash your sponge. This is safe for your money also. And very easy to clean this scrub sponge.

People also ask

Can you use a scratched non-stick pan?

Yes, you can if you want. But the full risk is yours. Because damage non-stick pan is dangerous for our health. If you use this, it can cause health issues. The best practice is to throw away the pan and get a new one.

How do I prevent a non-stick pan from scratch?

You can do this by using wooden, silicone, and rubber accessories while cooking with a non-stick pan. Also, can do this by avoiding metal accessories.


You have already learned how to fix a scratched non-stick pan in this article. Not only that but also you have got all the points that how you can avoid scratching on your non-stick pan. So, now it is very easy to use a non-stick pan and clean it for you.

Lastly, I must say a non-stick pan is a versatile cooking tool. I hope you will use this cookware and take care of it for long-lasting.

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