How to fry noodles in a pan – Pan fried noodles recipe

Noodles is a very common and famous dish in every family. If you don’t know How to fry noodles in a pan then this is sad for you and your family. Because without knowing the perfect pan-fried noodles recipe and the making process of it you will not able to make noodles at home. So, you should learn the whole process of cooking noodles.

Don’t be upset. You are in right place to know everything about making noodles in a pan at your home. Just relax and continue reading this article to the end.

Pan fried noodles recipe: Ingredients

  • 250gm egg noodles
  • 4 tablespoons of cooking oil
  • 100gm spring onion
  • 1 pc garlic clove
  • Green pepper as your taste
  • Salt as your taste
  • Vegetable 100 gm (According to your choice)

Make confirm all of these ingredients are ready beside your hand before start cooking.

How to fry noodles in a pan – Step by step process

To make your noodles delicious and as like a restaurant flavor follow the step that given below.

Step One: How to cook noodles

Place your selected frying pan over medium heat. Pour 2 tablespoon of cooking oil in the pan and hot your oil. When the oil is hot enough add your noodles in the pan and cook it. After cooed one side flip over to another side for cooking. When both sides are cooked well then transfer your noodles to a plate.

Step Two: How to cook noodles

Now add the rest qty of your cooking oil in the same pan and hot it. After getting enough hot add your vegetable, garlic clove, onion, green pepper, and salt, and cook them. Cook them until vegetable colour looks light brown colour.

Step Three: How to cook noodles

After completing the cooked vegetables now add your cooked noodles to the pan and combined them properly. Now, remove your pan from the heat and transfer noodles to a bowl. Finally serve the noodles with sauce.

Note: Full process will be done within 20 minutes.

Health benefits of noodles

Before start cooking, you should know the health benefits of noodles. Because you should avoid those food that have bad effect for health. SO, let’s learn about noodles’ health benefits.

1. Instant noodles are made up of salt, white flour, and water. The main nutritional content of instant noodles has low calories fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

2. Indomie noodles have a high amount of zinc, which helps to improve our body’s immunity system. Zinc also helps our genes to control and production and growth of our new body cells.

3. Noodles are contains vitamin B which helps our body to increase energy.

Pan for cooking noodles

There are many kinds of pan in the market. But you need a pan for making noodles. So this is not an easy task to find out one pan from all of them. For this reason I recommended you a pan below which is perfect for frying noodles in pan

This is a frying pan with a glass lid. This pan has a handle that safety reason to transfer to another place. This is the best frying pan for your cooking. So you can go with this product without any doubt.


You have got all the points of how to fry noodles in a pan in this article. Now it is very easy for you to cook noodles for your family. So let’s start cooking and enjoy this dish.

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