How to Make Scrambled Eggs in a Pan – Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Scrambled egg is a very popular dish all over the world for its taste. You are here because you also love to eat scrambled eggs and want to make this delicious dish for your family. You have a pan in your kitchen for making scrambled eggs. But you don’t know the perfect recipe for making scrambled eggs. Now you want to know, How to make scrambled egg in a pan?

You are in right place, here you will know the recipe and step-by-step process for making this dish. Before driving into depth in the process, let’s look into a little bit of scrambled egg healthy facts.

Scrambled eggs not only taste but are also a healthy dish. Eggs are fully packed with nutrients and calories, that keep our body and mind fresh. There are almost 180 calories and 12 grams of protein in two large size eggs.

Perfect scrambled eggs recipe: Ingredient

  • 4 Large size eggs
  • 2 tablespoons milk or water
  • 1 tablespoon butter or cooking oil
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt (According to your taste more or less)
  • ½ tablespoon black pepper

Arrange all of the ingredients together before starting cooking.

How to make scrambled eggs in a pan – Step by step

So, you are in your kitchen and you have a pan in your hand. You want to cook scrambled eggs right now. Also, you have ready all of the ingredients for making scrambled eggs. It’s time to cook!! Let’s do it…

First step: How to make scrambled eggs with milk

You beat the eggs and place them in a bowl. Now whisk the combination of yolk and whites until it looks evenly. Add milk or water and whisk it again very perfectly. Milk helps to make it creamy and soft. Now add your salt into the mixture and whisk it for a few seconds.

Next step: How to make scrambled eggs with milk

Place your selected pan for making scrambled eggs on medium-low heat. Now add cooking oil or butter to the pan and heat it at medium temperature for a few seconds.

Note: For making this recipe olive oil is the best option to cook. I use extra virgin olive oil for making scrambled eggs. If you want you can check it out.

Final step: How to make scrambled eggs with milk

Pour the mixture of eggs onto the pan and let it cook for a few seconds. Then use a silicone spatula for stirring soft curb scrambled eggs. Continue cooking it over medium-low heat. Don’t stop your folding and stirring for a couple of seconds. It will be causes burnt eggs.

Make sure your spatula moves on the bottom and every side of the pan that prevents any kind of brunt out of your eggs. A Silicon spatula is the best choice for soft and creamy eggs. It helps me to stir soft eggs properly. You also can check it out for your easy cooking.

For soft and creamy scrambled eggs stop your cooking when the eggs are mostly set but have little liquid eggs remain. Remove your pan from the heat and serve your delicious dish to your family and enjoy it.

The whole process will be done under 8 to 10 minutes.

FAQ “Perfect scrambled eggs recipe” – related question

Here are some common questions and answers that most people ask when they make scrambled eggs.

Q. Are you supposed to put milk in scrambled eggs?

Adding milk is an optional step for making scrambled eggs. It’s fully depending on your choice. If you want to add milk then you can. Milk helps to make it extra soft and creamy. If you want to ignore milk and want to use water then there is no problem you could.

Q. Are scrambled eggs healthy?

Your answer is yes. Scrambled eggs are a healthy dish. Eggs are contained protein and vitamin B and vitamin D. Eating eggs regularly will reduce the risk of heart disease. To know more about scrambled eggs’ healthy issues check this article.


At this stage, I can say that you already caught up on the recipe and step-by-step process for making scrambled eggs in a pan in your mind. I would like to say that you must enjoy this item with your family.

After completing the full process from cooking to eating, you need to clean your pan perfectly for long-lasting and good use in the future. For cleaning your pan, if you want you can read another article on “How to clean non-stick grill pan”. That helps you to clean your pan perfectly.

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