Is a wok good for deep frying?

You are an owner of a wok. You used your wok for different types of cooking. Now, you want to deep fry in your wok. But you have a question, Is a wok good for deep frying? To find your answer you are here.

Your answer is Yes! The wok is very good for deep frying because of its concave shape. You can easily do this with your wok at your home. You should just follow some common things during deep frying in a wok, which will be discussed below.

Wok is a very common cooking tool in our kitchen. Most of the time we used our wok only for stir fry. But we can use our wok for other cooking besides stir fry. Because wok is a versatile cooking tool. You can use your wok for deep frying, shallow frying, stir fry, etc.

Don’t worry dear! In this article, you will learn everything about deep frying in a wok. Just relax and keep reading.

During deep frying in a wok – some factors to be considered

During deep frying, you should consider some common factors to get a better result. Factors are given below.

Use right wok

There are different types of woks in the market. Not every wok is best for deep frying. Cast iron wok is best for deep frying. If you want to get a better result then use your cast iron wok. If don’t have a cast iron wok in your kitchen then you can use what you have. You can also use a pan for doing this because you can do deep frying in a pan.

So, before start cooking just select your wok for deep frying and start your frying for getting a better result.

Use right oil

As same as a wok, you need the right oil for deep frying. During deep frying, you need cooking oil with a high smoke point. If you select an oil with a low smoke point then your food will be burned, and unevenly cooked. So, select the perfect cooking oil for getting a better result.

Use right accessories

Deep frying is not an easy task at all. You will be affected on your skin by spattering hot oil if you do not use perfect accessories. You should use a long-handle strainer to turn over your food on hot oil. Also, for removing food from hot oil after complete frying.

Must use a deep-fry thermometer for checking cooking oil temperature.

Deep fry in a wok – Tips

  • Don’t fill up your wok fully with oil. It can be half of your wok.
  • Don’t cover your wok with a lid during deep frying.
  • Use high smoke cooking oil.
  • Use a deep-fry thermometer for checking oil temperature.
  • Add every piece of your food to the oil single.
  • Use a wooden/ Bamboo handle strainer for adding your food to the oil and also for removing your food from the oil.

Follow every tip above very carefully for getting a better result.

Now, I review some accessories which are needed for deep frying.

Wok for deep frying

I already said that cast iron is the best wok for deep frying. And this is a cast iron wok. This wok is 10 inches and pre-seasoned, and perfect for deep frying. This wok is a versatile wok. You can use this for roasting, grilling, stir fry, and many more.

The shape of this wok allows you for cooking sauce and juice also. Durable cast iron allows for long-lasting use and this wok is very easy to clean.

Oil for deep frying

Grapeseed Oil is best for deep frying. This is also a Grapeseed Oil. This oil has a very high smoke point of 510 degrees. This oil is perfect for deep frying, not only deep frying but also stir-frying, backing, and more.

Grapeseed Oil is Naturally Gluten-Free and Non-Allergenic, Kosher, and Non-GMO Verified by the Non-GMO Project. So, without any doubt, you can use this oil for deep frying.

Strainer for deep frying

This is Stainless Steel Spider Natural Bamboo Handle. This handle is best for deep frying. This handle stays cool during its use and won’t transfer heat to hands. You can use this for cooking pasta, blanching vegetables, and more.


At the end of this article, you already got your answer for is wok good for deep frying. Not only answer but also you got some tips for deep frying and some useful accessories. Now, you would easily cook deep frying in your wok.

After doing this in your kitchen, don’t forget to feedback to me in the comment box. Best wishes for your cooking…!!!

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