Can You Use a Round Bottom Wok On the Gas Stove?

The cooking range and oven are never the same. This appliance is updated with new ideas to improve your cooking experience. It is evident that with each change to your oven or cooking range, you will need to modify your cooking appliance.

You have a round bottom wok and a gas stove in your kitchen. now, you have a question in your mind can you use a round bottom wok on gas stove? To find out your answer read this post to the end.

The wok is a common kitchen appliance that you will find in almost every home. A wok is a type of frying pan that can be made from different materials, such as carbon, cast iron, and aluminum. It can be used for a variety of cooking methods, including frying, boiling, and steaming. This pan has two handles: loop and stick. It allows you to cook quickly and prevents your hands from burning.

How to Season a Round Bottom Wok for the First Time

· After washing the towel with soapy water, dry it and then put it on the stove.

· Turn your stove on the highest heat and use a towel or heatproof kitchen mitt to cover it.

· The wok’s industrial impurities will be able to burn off. To heat each area, tilt the wok. As the carbon steel heats, you will see the interior turn to black or blue color.

· Then turn off the stove and place your heated wok onto the stove. To cool the wok, pour a cup of water in. Be careful with the hot, splashing water from the wok.

· Use a scrubber with detergent to scrub the wok after it has cooled. The wok will be rinsed with clean, cool water.

· After you are done, use a paper towel to wipe any excess water from the wok. Then, place it back on the stove to dry.

· After drying, add a tablespoon of cooking oil to the wok. To evenly spread the oil, heat the wok on low heat.

· Turn off the stove. You should use a soft towel for wiping your wok surface. Use a spatula to scrape the wok until it cools down. Clean the surface with a spatula until it becomes clean. Your round-bottomed wok is now ready to be used for the first time.

Is It Possible to Use Round-Bottom Woks On a Gas Stove?

Round-bottomed woks make stir-frying easier. They are very efficient with gas stoves. These types of woks allow traditional round spatulas and ladles to quickly pick up food from the bottom and move it around. Round-bottomed woks are hotter compared to flat-bottomed ones.

If your burner cannot cradle your wok, round bottom is the best choice. Round bottom woks are not recommended for ceramic, electric, or heat induction burners. Contrary, flat bottom woks can be used on both gas and electric stoves.

How do you use a wok ring? The use of a wok ring can be straightforward. Place the wok rings on top of the burner. Next, place your round-bottomed wok onto the wok rings. You must ensure that your wok ring fits the burner’s dimensions. Make sure your wok is securely in the wok rings.

Interesting Facts About Round-Bottomed Wok

Stir-Frying is more accessible in a round-bottomed wok

A round-bottomed wok distributes heat more evenly than a flat-bottomed one. Direct heating the wok from the bottom to the top edges makes it easier to stir fry your ingredients.

Round-Bottom Woks do not warp

Round-bottomed woks can be boiled. Round-bottomed woks cannot be warped due to the distribution of iron and carbon molecules on the rounded surface.

In a linear fashion, the heat is evenly distributed along the wok’s sides. Flat-bottomed woks can, however, have hot spots at their bottom due to their flat shape. This makes them more susceptible to warping under high heat conditions.

Lid and spatulas perform better in round-bottomed woks

Most wok utensils can be used in round woks. Wok spatulas and ladles are designed to fit round-bottomed woks. Curved leading edges are characteristic of wok spatulas. Curved leading edges don’t conform well to flat-bottomed woks.

The shape of the utensils shouldn’t be the deciding factor when you buy a wok. It is better to mold the utensils to your wok than to the wok.

Additional Information on Round-Bottom Woks

Woks have been in use for more than 3,000 years throughout China. The first wok was a round-bottomed vessel for cooking. The majority of original woks were hand-hammered.

Wok use is widespread in South China, especially in Guangdong Province. It is a popular cooking tool in China and other parts of Asia.

Commercial restaurants that use woks rely on round-bottomed woks. These restaurants often have stoves that produce a lot of heat. Professional chefs prefer carbon steel woks.

Woks can be used for a variety of cooking methods, including steaming, pan-frying, and deep-frying. When cooking with woks, you will need to use a spatula or a long-handled utensil (such as wok ladles). The extended handles of woks allow for cooks to use the food safely and avoid burning themselves.

Wok Cooking Tips for Gas Stove Owners

Use a smaller burner

A smaller burner (lower in BTU) will give you better results. The gas jets on higher BTU burners are spaced further apart so that heat is distributed to the sides of your wok instead of at the bottom.

Set work directly on the grid

Your wok can be placed directly on the metal grid of a gas stove. The wok might wobble slightly depending on the grid. This is normal because you need to stir fry with your left hand. Lefties should reverse the motion.

You can ask your stove manufacturer to make a “wok attachment” that is specifically designed for handling wok wobble.

You can also buy a cheap wok ring at your market, but this will keep your wok farther away from the flame. Flip the ring so that the larger diameter is at its top and the smaller is at the bottom. This will allow your wok to be closer to the heat.

High Heat for Maximum Results

Stir-frying is a process that requires high heat.


A round bottom wok is a very popular cooking tool for its versatile use. You have a round bottom wok in your kitchen and you are the owner of a gas stove. I think you got many points about can you use a round bottom wok on a gas stove from this post. So, it will be easy for you to cook in your kitchen with your round bottom wok on gas stove.

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