What is A Wok Burner?

If you want to have a satisfying stir-frying or wok cooking experience, there are certain things that you need to pay attention to. You will need a high-powered flame for the task, while the pan will require exceptional support for the sake of its stability.

You could do these cooking techniques on any burner, but a wok burner is a game-changer that you should not ignore. There are both basic and advanced setups of this burner that you can make use of, and you need to be sure which one will work for you.

We want you to have all the tips on how you can get the best out of wok burners on your fingertips, and that is why we have come up with this simple guide with all the pointers you may find necessary.

What is A Wok Burner

A wok burner is a high-pressure burner that is specially designed to work with woks. However, this tool can be used for other cooking methods due to its high output that exceeds 61,000 BTU. These units draw their fuel from LPG gas tanks and are portable enough to be used on the road.

This burner is designed to produce a lot of heat within a short time in order to heat the wok or other cookware as quickly as possible. The result is that you can try out cooking techniques that you usually wouldn’t on an ordinary stove, such as stir and deep-frying, shallow frying, searing, steaming, and smoking.

Note that it may be a while before you are entirely comfortable using this burner, but you will wonder why it took you so long to make this discovery once you are.

Benefits of a Wok Burner

There are several reasons why we insist that you try out this burner. We have outlined these benefits below.

I) The Heat

One advantage of a wok burner is that it gives out very high heat levels that heat the wok to the point that sauteing or searing your meat and vegetables will be an instant task. Further, you will be able to sizzle your food instantly whenever you throw it in the wok.

This high pressure found in the wok burner makes it versatile, and you can make use of your cooking skills without being bothered about insufficient heat.

If you want to know whether your wok is hot enough, we suggest you try out the water test. This involves throwing a spoonful of water onto the unit, and if it has attained enough heat, the droplets will bounce around before eventually sizzling off.

II) Easy of Making Asian Dishes

A combination of a wok and a double-gas stove will ensure that your Asian dishes will be tastier while the flavor and texture will be better than they would have with ordinary stovetops. If you follow all the right steps, your dish will have a unique smoky flavor that is hard to find elsewhere.

Additionally, this burner will provide sufficient heat to boil big pots of soups plus can also simmer on low heat when needed.

III) Works with Round-Bottomed Woks

Rounded woks are popular for their curved shape that allows some oil to settle at the bottom. This is the perfect condition for searing and sauntering meat and vegetables. Even though they have more even heat distribution than traditional models, the heat will be more concentrated at the bottom.

So, you can heat the ingredients at the bottom before moving them up the sides for cooking at lower temperatures. Then, you can add more ingredients to the bottom before mixing up all the ingredients.

However, always go for a burner that will meet all your needs. For instance, if you have many mouths to feed, you should go for one that can comfortably support larger woks or pots.

IV) Cleaner Indoor Kitchens

Another benefit of a wok burner is that it ensures there is minimal mess accumulating in your kitchen as you prepare your dishes. So, oil splatters, odors, and food particles will be a thing of the past.

How Safe Are Wok Burners?

These units are very safe provided you use them according to the set of instructions they come with. The first important thing that you should be sure of is that the burner is assembled correctly.

Below are some safety tips that you should adhere to as you use your wok burner:

  • Keep children and pets as far away from the burner as possible
  • Never leave your burner unattended
  • All the fittings to the propane gas should be secure
  • Avoid using the wok burner inside your home
  • Keep the burners away from combustible materials such as gasoline
  • For the burners without legs, you can use a non-combustible surface such as bricks for support
  • The support you choose for your burner should be strong and stable and not wobbly
  • Be extra careful when handling the wok burner since it can get really hot

Oil for Using in a Wok on a Wok Burner?

Note that wok cooking requires oil with a very high smoke point, and this is especially so when a wok burner is involved. Examples of such oils include avocado oil, refined coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and peanut oil.

You should be aware that any oil can get to the smoke point and beyond if there is too much heat.


If you have been wondering what the wok burner is all about, we hope that our article has answered all your questions. This is a useful cooking tool that can give you a memorable experience in the kitchen such that you will never go back to the ordinary indoor stove you were used to.

All you need to do is follow the user instructions to the latter while also paying attention to the safety aspects so that you come out of the cooking task in one piece.

Finally, always invest in units from the top brands in the market whose products have undergone all the quality tests. This will ensure that you get a top-performing item at a fair price and with all the safety aspects considered.

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