What is Wok Oil? – You need to know for healthy cooking !

You probably know which oil to use if you are a fan of stir-fries and other types of cooking that require a wok. When you are cooking in a wok, you should not just consider the oil’s flavor but also the smoke point.

A wok is a cooking device that allows you to cook fast at high temperatures. High smoking point and a fantastic flavor are mandatory to have for the best wok oils to complete the dish that they are cooking.

What is wok oil then? There are many types of oils that can be used in a wok. Because wok cooking typically involves high heat, it is essential to use a variety of oils. High smoke points include grapeseed oil, safflower oils, among others. You can also find special wok oils in most supermarkets’ food section. These oils often come with flavored ingredients.

More about Oils and Wok

Coconut, sesame, and vegetable oils are the best oils to use in a wok. It is crucial to choose an oil that has a high smoke point when cooking in a wok. Use neutral flavors and complementing ingredients to enhance your dish.

What is a wok? A wok is an Asian cooking vessel that has a bowl shape. Cast iron is a traditional raw material for woks, but modern woks can be made of carbon steel. Some of the most popular wok dishes are stir fry and fried rice. These works are both heat-resistant and can be used to cook food in woks.

What is Smoke Point of Oil ?

Many oils begin to deteriorate when they are exposed to high temperatures. This is what makes oil smoke. Different oils can break down and produce smoke at different temperatures. The temperature at which oil begins to smoke is called its smoke point.

Peanut Oil

Wok oil should have a high smoke point because high heat is often required when using a wok. Since peanut oil can withstand high temperatures, it has been used traditionally as wok oil. This oil is used to make peanut chicken and other dishes that have a nutty taste.

Safflower and Others Oil

However, peanut oil isn’t the only oil that can be used for wok cooking. For example, refined safflower oils have a higher smoke point than peanut oils, making them an excellent choice for wok cooking. Refined corn oil, refined sesame oil, and other oils are acceptable oils for cooking in a wok. Even though their smoke points may be lower than those of the other cooking oils, you can still use cottonseed, almond, and grapeseed oils.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a popular oil, but most chefs discourage using it as a wok or cooking oil. Extra virgin olive oil is known to have a low smoke point, so this is particularly true. However, extra light olive oil is generally acceptable because it has a higher smoking point than other types.

There are also specialty wok oils. These oils are flavored oil. It is not necessary to add flavor to oil when using a wok. However, it can be very appealing to some people.

What are the best wok oils to use?

The most common question is, “What oil is best to use in a wok?”

Let me first say that there is no any fixed “best oil” for a wok. This depends on:

· What you’re cooking

· What flavor do you want to add to the food that you prepare?

· Smoke point desired

High Smoke Point Oils

Use an oil with a smoking point of at least 400 F.

Stir-frying with a wok is a common technique in Asian cuisine. Many people think that the Chinese only do wok cooking. However, there is more to Asian cuisine than Chinese.

In preparing their food, Asians in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines often use woks.

Best oils for Stir-Frying with A Wok

Stir-frying is a great way to make a delicious stir-fry. Stir-frying involves high heat cooking, so using an oil with a high smoke point is essential.

Failure to use oil with high smoke points will cause oil to burn and ruin the dish. The oil will start smoking when it reaches its smoke point. This can give the food a unique flavor.

You should also ensure that the oil you choose does not burn with excessive heat or prolonged high heat. The oil broken down at the molecular level can cause carcinogens that are dangerous to your health.

No matter which oil you use, make sure it is organic and contains no GMO ingredients. The first step in creating a delicious dish is to use the correct oil.

How to Cook High Temperatures in a Wok?

A wok burner is a great way to cook fast and high heat. Also there are many pans in the market specially for cooking at high heat. A wok burner produces high heat, so it is essential to use oil with high smoke points.

You want to use the highest smoke point oil when you have a wok burner. Avocado oil is a good option.

The Oils You Should Avoid for High-Heat Cooking

Extra-virgin olive oils are not recommended for stir-frying due to their low smoke point. Sesame oil has very low smoke points. It isn’t recommended to use toasted sesame oils for high-heat cooking, although there are some Chinese recipes that use it.

When heating toasted sesame oils in a wok, be careful not to overheat them! You can burn it and make your dish bitter. Sesame oil is usually used in Chinese cooking for seasoning and to add to stir-fry dishes.

Flaxseed oil is another oil to avoid. Stir-fry should not include butter or shortening. Because butter has a lower smoke point than other cooking oils, you won’t find any Chinese stir-fry recipes that include butter.

Here Are More Tips for Using Oil.

Your final decision about oil selection is up to you. Price, availability, and personal taste all play a part in your decision. Here are some tips for making a great stir-fry once you have chosen your oil. Before heating the oil, first, chop all ingredients.

· Stir fry at high heat once the oil has gotten hot. It is best to have everything prepared so that you can make it go smoothly.

· It’s a good idea to add meat or poultry to your dish; first, cook it and then put it aside. This will ensure that the meat or poultry is cooked well. You can also add ingredients according to the time it takes to cook.

· Broccoli should be added to the wok or pan before the scallions; keep your stir-fry going. If you let it sit, you will end up with something closer than a stew.


Wok can make different types of recipes very easily. The flavor is essential, however, beyond the smoke point. Each time you use the wok, the patina will be developed, which will significantly improve the wok’s performance. This dramatically improves its non-stick properties, and the food will be released quickly from the pan. Besides, cleaning will be easier too, since food will be less likely to stick. With ideal care, your wok can last for many years to come.

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