What Pan To Use For Pancakes? – You Need to Know!!

You would think that pancake making is just about mixing ingredients to make a batter and then putting that on to a heated pan. Well, that should be it, but only for average pancakes.

However, the perfect pancakes should have a smooth, flat surface that then allows for even cooking and a crispy outer edge.

Of course, you cannot get your pancakes ideally without knowing what pan to use for pancakes, which should have low outer walls. What this does is make it easier to fit your spatula under and flip the pancakes.

Since most cooktops come in a circular shape, you would want to go for a round pan to match that. Getting a similarly shaped pan to your cooktop also allows for even heating so that you get uniformly cooked pancakes.

The Best Materials for Pancake Pans

The secret to making great pancakes lies in the material used to make the pan you are going to use. Now, making the right choice may prove to be difficult especially if you do not have prior experience but that is what we are here for.

Let us look at some of the materials used in the making of the best pancake pans.


We doubt that there is any modern kitchen that lacks a piece or two of nonstick cookware and that is not hard to understand. This is because nonstick pans make cooking so easy and not just for pancakes.

Even with a little or no oil, your pancakes will effortlessly slide out of the pan when you finish cooking. That makes nonstick pans the best for healthy cooking.

A quick pancake recipe that you can make using your nonstick pan involves preheating the pan on low heat in preparation. Put a little butter or cooking oil and pour your batter on there. Allow the batter to form bubbles before turning and finally removing the pancake.


If you decide to go for a nonstick pan, go for one that does not contain any toxic material such as PFOA, PFAs, lead, or cadmium as this can affect your health negatively.

You also want to keep in mind that your nonstick pan will last only as long as the nonstick layer so opt for a pan with a solid, multilayer nonstick coating.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a durable material so getting a pan made from the same would be a wise investment. Such a pan will also develop a nonstick layer on its own over time.

You may experience a bit of difficulty when you begin using a cast iron pan, but do not give up on it just yet. The more you use, it, the better it becomes in terms of nonstick performance. You will also appreciate that the material retains heat quite well.

Another thing about cast iron is that it is easy to clean. You simply need to wipe it down with paper towels or a dry piece of cloth. In case it is exposed to water, you must dry it completely and rub it with a little oil.


Cast iron pans take a little longer to heat up seeing as they are heavier so if you do not fancy waiting, you may want to opt for another material. The fact that the material is heavy also makes it difficult to lift cast iron pans.

Carbon Steel

This has to be the best pan to cook pancakes. How so? Simply because carbon steel conducts heat beautifully.

By that, we mean that it heats up pretty fast and distributes heat uniformly to ensure that you have evenly cooked food.

Carbon steel pans are also lightweight hence easier to handle and compatible with most modern cooktops so you have a lot to gain when you buy a pan made from the material.

You will only have to season your pan frequently as the material is prone to rust.

Electric Griddles

If you are looking for an easy way to make pancakes, an electric griddle will come in handy because it is extremely easy to use. It is simple to operate and comes with a nonstick surface and the best part is that these come in different sizes and that the temperature remains constant.

Once you are done making your pancakes, all you have to do is wipe the surface with a paper towel and store it away. You will hardly ever have to wash it.

Other Factors to Consider For Right One

The material used in the fabrication of the pan you intend to use for your pancake making is not the only thing you have to consider. Other factors include:

The size– With the right-sized pan, your pancakes should turn out well-cooked and delicious. Go for smaller and medium-sized pans if you do not intend to cook for many people.

If you are cooking commercially, or you love to host, pick a larger pan that can cook three or more pancakes at one,

Handle– The handle of the pan you pick has to be a poor transmitter of heat. This will prevent you from getting burns on your hand. Wood is usually a good material for that.

The handle has to be ergonomically designed as well so that you can find it easy and comfortable to handle.

Bottom Shape– Pans can be flat-bottomed or round-bottomed. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but what we want you to know is that most flat-bottomed pans are compatible with modern cooktops but if you prefer a curved base, you will have to buy a ring to fit on your cooktop before placing your pan.

Best pan for pancakes

For making your buying choice easy I recommended this Gotham Steel Double Pan for you. Without a perfect pan for pancakes, you will not get a proper result. Your pancakes will be unshapen, uncooked, and not tasty at all. So, you just need a perfect pan for making your pancakes tasty and perfectly.

This is a Nonstick Copper Easy to Flip Pan with Rubber Grip Handle for making pancakes. This pan is not only for making pancakes but also for frittatas, perfect omelets, bacon, and much more! This pan has an Ultra-durable coating, scratch-proof & metal utensil safe. Aluminum composition ensures the heat distribution evenly.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to make pancakes and it is even better to eat them. Just quickly whip up some batter and you are ready to go. If your ingredients are properly measured and the batter mixed, well, the outcome will be scrumptious but not without the right pan. If you select the right pan for cooking then it will help you not only for pancake but also for different recipe.

Some pans are better than others, and that is why it is important to pick wisely. With all the information we have provided in this guide, we believe you can now make the right choice.

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